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Pope Francis Meets and Greets

In the news today on Pope Francis:

Pope Francis met with Meriam Ibrahim. Ibrahim had converted from Islam to Christianity, married a Christian man, and was expecting. In the nation of Sudan, she was accused of apostasy and sentenced to death, and while imprisoned and in shackles there, gave birth to a baby. She has now been freed and has just met with the Pope!

Archbishop Charles Brown also met with Pope Francis in the Vatican and update him on the church in Ireland.

Also in the news today, Pope Francis appointed some new consultors to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Checking out the group’s description page on the Vatican website — it promotes ecumenical theological dialogue and gatherings across the globe. Good stuff. I’m pretty new to learning about so many of the good things that the Vatican does. It is impressive!!!!

As well, the Pope’s travel plans for his Asia trip next month were also announced, which include meeting the K-pop star BoA.

And there’s an interesting article titled, “A Pope and an Atheist Sit Down for a Chat.” Check it out! Pope Francis in dialogue with atheists, too!