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A Grace You Can Implore Daily In Prayer

Today at St. Peter’s Square, in honor of the Jubilee of Deacons, Pope Francis celebrated Mass and gave a homily on being a faithful servant (full text, summary video), and after Mass, he gave an Angelus Address (full text, full video, summary video).

Moreover today, he received in audience Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. The following day, Cardinal Tagle spoke at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome.

As well, in the afternoon Pope Francis met with the participants of a world congress organized by Scholas Occurrentes, on the theme, “Between university and school, a wall or a bridge” (more and more details, full text, full video, summary video). Also at the engagement, Pope Francis apparently met with Hollywood actors Richard Gere, George Clooney, and Salma Hayek who were in attendance (summary video 1, summary video 2, summary video 3). Also as a part of the event, the new FIFA president also met with Pope Francis (summary video), a group took a Scholas flag in their expedition to the North Pole and they presented the flag to Pope Francis (summary video), and some California surfers got their surfboards signed by Pope Francis (summary video). Additionally, he met with a group of youth who are YouTubers and answers a bunch of their questions (full video, summary video).

Moreover, he sent a tweet:

By receiving the Eucharist we are nourished of the Body and Blood of Jesus, and by entering us, Jesus joins us to his Body! (link)

and posted to Instagram:

Today, let us ask the Lord that He may always give us true shepherds. #prayer, #Jubileeofmercy (link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!