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Today, at St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis celebrated Mass, performed the ordination of some priests, and gave a homily on being chosen to God’s service (full text, full video, summary video).

Also today, overlooking St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis gave a Regina Coeli Address on the invincible love of God and spoke on allowing oneself to be saved by God, and he also spoke of his visit yesterday to Lesbos, Greece (full text, full video, summary video).

As well today, he sent a tweet:

Each vocation in the Church has its origin in the compassionate gaze of Jesus, who forgives us and calls us to follow Him. (link)

and posted twice to Instagram:

Chosen, don’t forget this. Chosen! It is the Lord who has called you, one by one! #Mercy, #priestlyordinations, #PrayForVocations, #catholic (link)

It’s a small gesture, but one which we all need to offer to give a helping hand to those in need! (link, video link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!