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Union With Jesus

This morning at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis had Mass and gave a homily on God changing the hearts of people (more details, summary video). The president of Equador was also present at the Mass.

Today Pope Francis received in audience a bunch of people (more complete list in Italian), largely prelates, but including:

President of Bolivia, Evo Morales (summary video)
• US presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders (summary video 1, summary video 2)

Pope Francis with God lifts all nations of the Earth socially and economically so that everyone is really really comfortable and well in God’s Kingdom all across the Earth.

In the evening, Pope Francis visited the Basilica of St. Mary Major to pray for his journey tomorrow to Lesbos, Greece.

Also today, he made some appointments and gave a consent, sent two tweets:

In the darkest hours of a family’s life, union with Jesus can help avoid a breakup. (link)

Refugees are not numbers, they are people who have faces, names, stories, and need to be treated as such. (link)

and posted to Instagram:

video only (link, video link)

In Pope Francis related news:

Today at the Vatican was a conference on the global economy attended by US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, president of Equador, and president of Bolivia, Evo Morales. Of Bernie Sanders, he spoke at the conference (full text, full video - better picture, full video - better sound, summary video) and spoke with reporters (full video, full video + Q&A), stayed the night at Casa Santa Marta where Pope Francis lives (summary video), and had an audience with him there. He also gave a interview later regarding the encounter (summary video 1, summary video 2). Observing Bernie Sanders, it is clear that he is united with Pope Francis in completing God’s global plans.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!