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Grow in Love, Mutual Aid and Unity

Today at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis held a Jubilee Audience and spoke regarding almsgiving as an act of mercy (full text, full video).

Today Pope Francis received one audience, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops.

Of messages, he sent letter to Cardinal Pietro Parolin in the capacity of as papal legate to celebration of the 1050th anniversary of the “baptism” of Poland to be held from April 14th-16th, 2016, in Gniezno and Poznan, Poland (full text in Latin).

It was announced that he has accepted invitations to visit the countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan later this year (press release).

Also today is a video interview with someone who wrote a book titled Church of Spies (purchase link) on the Vatican during World War II, and it is shared that the author got to meet Pope Francis and share his book with him during a General Audience.

As well, Pope Francis made some appointments, sent a bunch of tweets:

People with disabilities are a gift for the family and an opportunity to grow in love, mutual aid and unity. (link)

No one can think that the weakening of the family will prove beneficial to society as a whole. (link)

The strength of the family lies in its capacity to love and to teach how to love. (link)

Our teaching on marriage and the family cannot fail to be inspired by the message of love and tenderness. (link)

Every family, despite its weaknesses, can become a light in the darkness of the world. (link)

and posted to Instagram:

Every family can become a light in the darkness of the world! #AmorisLaetitia, #Family, #Parents, #catholic (link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!