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The Hallmarks Of The Christian Life

Today at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis celebrated the Holy Mass of Divine Mercy and gave a homily on what it means to walk the path of mercy (full text, full video, summary video). Following the Mass, he gave a Regina Coeli address during which he spoke of the situation in Ukraine and initiated a special collection from churches throughout Europe to help war victims there (full text, summary video).

Also today, Pope Francis sent a tweet:

Mercy: the bridge that connects God and man, opening our hearts to the hope of being loved forever despite our sinfulness. (link)

and posted to Instagram:

I want to be among you as a missionary of mercy, of the tenderness of God. But let me encourage you also to be self-witnesses of this infinite love of God – that no one lacks the witness of our faith, our love. Let everyone know that God always forgives, that God is always by our side, that God loves us! #Tenderness, #Mercy, #catholic (link, video link)

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