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Annointed with the Oil of Gladness

Today at St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis celebrated Chrism Mass at which the Chrism oils were blessed and he gave a homily regarding how “mercy restores everything” and on “God’s superabundant forgiveness” (full text, full video, summary video).

Also today, Pope Francis traveled to The Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers (C.A.R.A.) at Castelnuovo di Porto and celebrated the in coena Domini Mass, which begins the Easter Triduum and delivered a homily regarding that we are all of us, together, as God’s children (full text, additional text in Italian, full video, summary video). He also washed the feet of some there, including several Muslim refugees (summary video). And here’s a nice interview with Archbishop Fisichella regarding some of the meaningfulness of the encounter.

And today, Pope Francis made one appointment, sent two tweets:

Annointed with the oil of gladness to pass on the joy of the Gospel. (link)

Jesus loved us. Jesus loves us. Without limit, always, to the end. (link)

and posted a picture to Instagram:

picture only (link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!