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Love That Goes “To The End Without End”

Today at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis had a General Audience and spoke regarding the days building up to Easter (full text, full video). Also during the audience, he asked for prayers for Belgium.

It was reported that Pope Francis blessed a statue, installed at the Vatican, of a homeless Jesus on a bench (summary video).

Also today it was revealed in a press conference with Father Federico Lombardi that for humanitarian purposes the Vatican Archives are moving forward with Pope Francis’ plans to release information regarding the 1976-1983 period of dictatorship in Argentina.

And today, Pope Francis sent a tweet:

With how much love Jesus looks at us! With how much love He heals our sinful heart! Our sins never scare Him. (link)

and sent out an Instagram post and video:

I wish to assure the dear people of Belgium, all the families of the victims, and all of those injured of my prayers and spiritual closeness. (link, video link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!