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Palm Sunday 2016 – Loved By Him First

Today at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis celebrated Palm Sunday and gave a homily (full text, full video). At the end of the Palm Sunday liturgy, Pope Francis also gave an Angelus Address (full text).

Of messages, Pope Francis sent two, the first message of condolences regarding a plane crash in Russia (full text), and an additional of condolences regarding a bombing in Istanbul yesterday morning (full text).

Pope Francis also sent a tweet:

Let us come to Him and let us not be afraid! Let us come to Him and say from the depths of our hearts: “Jesus, I trust in You!” (link)

and posted to Instagram, two posts:

picture only (link 1)

The Crucifix; it is the “royal seat of God”. (link 2)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!