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Pope Francis Reaching Out and the People Reaching Out to Him

For today’s headlines on Pope Francis:

The Pope's released plans for his trip on Sunday to the Italian city of Caserta. I adored that Pope Francis speaking with Vatican Radio said, ‘that although 9 days is not long to prepare for a papal visit, the people of the diocese will welcome the Holy Father with joy and gratitude.’ I love the Pope!!!!

This reminds me of an article & youtube I just saw about Pope Francis stopping his motorcade through the country to greet some people in the Italian countryside. Watching the video, Pope Francis is truly one of God’s greatest gifts to our planet.

Pope Francis has also just released a message in remembrance of the bombing of the AMIA centre (an Israeli community-center) in Buenos Aires twenty years ago, in which eighty-five people perished. The text of the message he released is beautiful. Pope Francis – mending the world.

Elsewhere on the web, I found a brief article of a comparison of Pope Francis with St. Francis of Assisi, by the author of “Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi: A New Springtime for the Church.” Pretty interesting.

Out on the blogs, there’s a great message by Pope Francis to Anglicans, that they are very welcome among the Roman Catholics. Anglicans are super related to Roman Catholics, they’re all under the umbrella of “catholic.” Even the article states, “Anglicans have a true home in the Catholic Church.” Pope Francis reaching out to Anglicans is yet another gesture of ‘We are all part of the body of Christ.’

Among those seeking help from Pope Francis, Mayor de Blasio of New York City met with the Vatican Secretary of State for advice on immigration issues in his city, and to offer to welcome Pope Francis there if he makes a visit to them of their city. People know that Pope Francis is one of the go-to people when it comes to getting everything ship-shape here in the new heaven and the new earth, here in the New Jerusalem.

And in Nigeria, a group there has sent a petition to Pope Francis to help them to bring to a close the bloodshed against Christians there.

Globally, there appears to be a lot of Christian-Muslim-Jewish bloodshed in the news — let it all come to a close, and those chapters and their like, never find opening again.

Pope Francis continues to reach out and the people are reaching out to him.