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The Embassies Open

Today Pope Francis made an appointment. As well, this evening Pope Francis received in audience a delegation of twelve bishops from around the world.

Also today, the U.S. and Cuba reopened embassies in each others’ countries, and thus renewed their diplomatic relations – as helped along by Pope Francis (summary video).

In Pope Francis related news:

With Pope Francis mostly on a summer break, there is lots of Pope Francis related news, such as interviews and commentary.

Today, though he’s given many interviews before on this topic, here’s another really good interview with Archbishop Georg Gänswein, who more or less daily serves both Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

There’s a super good article on congressional leaders in the U.S. and their reactions to Pope Francis and his coming to speak with them in September, an interesting article on Pope Francis’ global political influence, particularly in the U.S., and an article pre-published, to-be-released soon in National Geographic magazine on Pope Francis’ pontificate so far.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


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