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Pope Francis Sends Individual Messages to the People

One thing that is so impressive to me about the Pope Francis is that he is communicative. He goes to the people and talks with them, he sends individual messages to lots of people around the world, and he even telephones lots of people, too. I was listening to a radio show the other day and they mentioned that when people write to Pope Francis, in a lot of instances he’s been actually calling lay-people up and talking to them. And some are calling him the “Cold Calling Pope”.

In the last week though, Pope Francis has made lots of communicative gestures, such as not only speaking with a priest in Gaza, but other gestures as well:

The Pope communicating with a life-encouraging fundraiser in the British Isles
The Pope communicating with prisoners, leaders, and other people to reduce the numbers of people in prisons
The Pope praying for those that died in Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
The Pope speaking with a Christian leader from Iraq about subsiding the bloodshed there

Pope Francis, God’s servant on the earth, communicating, and bringing peace to the world and the universe!!!!