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Favorite Links

Below are some of my favorite links.

Major news websites for Pope Francis news:

ZENIT – An excellent news website for Pope Francis & Vatican news.
Vatican Radio – The Vatican’s primary websites for Pope Francis, Vatican, and Roman Catholic news. The Vatican actually has an pretty huge array of news websites, but this is probably the best of them all.
Catholic News Service – A excellent Roman Catholic news website covering everything from Pope Francis to global Catholic news.
EWTN Vatican news page – They typically have at least one news story a day, but they do extremely high quality reporting.
ANSA Vatican news page – This is a Pope Francis & Vatican centered Italian news service page. Their stories are not always the most depthful, but definitely some of the very most current and in many instances original stories found nowhere else.
Catholic Culture – An excellent news aggregator and summary webpage for Catholic news.

Websites similar to this blog:

My blog here focuses on summarizing daily Pope Francis news, and not really much Vatican nor Roman Catholic news, but there are a number of other blogs out there similar to this one, but distinctly different in various ways, and here are a few of them:

Joan’s Rome – A generally daily news blog with emphasis on Pope Francis AND the Vatican, but with behind-the-scenes, in-depth reporting!
The Weekly Francis – A weekly Pope Francis blog which summarizes weekly news links by topic, so if you’re not looking daily at the news, and just looking to read his addresses for the week, or see all of his tweets for the week – it is an excellent go-to website.
News Roundup – A Pope Francis news blog, but with less frequency, and more of the majorest headlines, so if you’re not even looking weekly, and you’d just like to see what Pope Francis has been doing the past few months, this can be a very good website.

Some nice Catholic websites:

And here’s a few websites I’ve found that I really enjoy, some of which are Pope Francis related, but definitely Catholic (not all necessarily Roman Catholic, but generally Catholic):

Francis the Comic Strip – a super good comic strip featuring Pope Francis!
The Cloistered Heart – A spendid website of poetry and writings on living a cloistered life. Even if one isn’t, it has a lot of really really good considerations about life.
That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill – An extremely thought provoking website commentating on Roman Catholic news.
Waiting for Godot to Leave – A very good website of commentary on mostly Roman Catholic doctrines.

Born-Again Christian websites:

And since I’m really a born-again Christian, and not so much a Roman Catholic, though I consider myself “Catholic” in the meaning that I am a part of the body the Christ, here’s my favorite of those realms:

Believer’s Voice of Victory Broadcast – One of my most favorite Christian ministries.

Bible Apps:

It’s so nice to have the Bible on one’s computing devices, and one can simply read favorite passages whenever one likes, and search the Bible amidst one’s studying. Here’s a couple of my favorite Bible study programs/apps:

BPBible program – a quite excellent Bible reference program for Windows computers.
The Holy Bible App – this is a super good Bible reference for iOS devices, multiple translations, and very easy to use and search.