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Healthy Gender Relationships

Today Pope Francis had his weekly General Audience and continuing his catechesis on the family, gave a super good address on the topic of gender and how listening, communicating, and giving authority to women are healthy ways for society to go in regards to men and women getting along together (full text, full video, summary video). He also expressed that the study of “gender theory” can be quite less good, especially when applied to the erasure of difference between men and women, and expressed instead a favoring of better communication between people as a solution. I very much agree that much better communication can be really really important, and the study of gender theory when understood and applied to communication — this can be an excellent way to aid many men and women in living out their lives very happy together because they understand the other and respond accordingly really really well. Not to diverge too much, but...

Jessa and Ben Seewald who got some super good wedding advice from Jessa’s parents, on 19 Kids and Counting.
Jessa and Ben Seewald, who got some super good wedding advice from Jessa’s parents, on 19 Kids and Counting.

This reminds me actually of something I witnessed watching the TV show “19 Kids and Counting”! This season, one of nineteen children got married, but before they got married, the mother and father of the nineteen did some marriage counseling with the two young people to share with them how they’ve been so successful as a couple so that their daughter and son-in-law-to-be would also be. What they shared was that many men tend to think and have needs such as x, y, & z, and many women tend to think and have needs such as a, b, & c, but that they need to understand those differences and have very sincere empathy (imagining what the other is going through), activeness in helping the others needs to be fulfilled, a lifetime commitment to that love-relationship/marriage no matter where they are on the best to worst spectrum, and true forgiveness for the other even when or if they mess-up just a little or titanically.

So, the “theory of gender” is good, especially when it helps us understand the differences.

Also in the news, during the General Audience Pope Francis met briefly with the husband and the daughter of a persecuted Christian in Pakistan, Asia Bibi (summary video); there was also a press conference afterwards regarding the encounter. As well during the General Audience, Pope Francis met and blessed Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, who is playing Jesus Christ in an remake of the film Ben-Hur. Pope Francis also received representatives of Saint Mary’s University who gave him their Signum Fidei Award.

Also today, Pope Francis sent letter of condolences regarding the passing of Cardinal Roberto Tucci who during his life served as director general of Vatican Radio, and coordinator of papal trips outside Italy during St. John Paul II’s pontificate (full text).

As well, today the Council of Nine Cardinals (the C9 group) finished their meetings for the week with Pope Francis, and Fr. Federico Lombardi gave a press conference on their progress (more details). Relatedly, there is an excellent interview with Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga regarding the C9’s overall progress.

Also in the news today, Pope Francis cold called a journalist in Argentina who had written him regarding some of his own worries about government politics in Argentina. Pope Francis encouraged him to learn to pray. I love Pope Francis!!!!!!

In Pope Francis related news:

There is an excellent interview with journalist Franca Giansoldati on the affects of Pope Francis calling the Armenian Genocide a “genocide.” For more information on the Armenian Genocide, see the wikipedia entry. Also, there’s a good Rome Reports video on an exhibit about it, too (more details).

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!