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Two Addresses and Two Letters

For those who may not know, most Wednesdays Pope Francis has a “General Audience” with the people, shakes peoples hands, talks to people, blesses and kisses many people, and then delivers a “catechesis” (which is an vocal address). Apparently, though, Pope Francis had taken a break for the summer from doing General Audience addresses, but resumed that today.

Well, he had his General Audience today and you can watch it on YouTube (his entire procession greeting and blessing people & giving his address), and read a summery version of the address in English. The address covered many topics, including the anniversary of the passing of Pope Paul VI and prayers for earthquake victims in China and for the Middle East. Here’s a clip from the English summary:

“In today’s Audience, we resume our catechesis on the Church, the People of God. Prepared for in the Old Testament and established by Christ in the fullness of time, The Church is a new people, founded on a new covenant. The newness brought by Christ does not set aside what went before, but brings things to a completion. In the Scriptures, Saint John the Baptist is a bridge between the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament and their fulfilment in the new. John points to Jesus and calls us to follow him in repentance and conversion. The new law which Jesus gives in the Sermon on the Mount perfects the law given to Moses on Mount Sinai. In the Beatitudes, Jesus shows us the way in which, with his grace, we can attain authentic happiness. He tells us, in the Gospel of Matthew, that our Christian life will be judged on how we treat him in the least of our brethren. At the heart of the new covenant is our realization that, in Christ, we are embraced by God’s mercy and compassion, and that our lives must bear witness to his love for all our brothers and sisters.”

Pope Francis knows what’s going on!!!!

Pope Francis also met with German and other European altar servers, a video of the entire encounter is on YouTube, and the full text of his address is also available.

As well in the news today, Pope Francis sent message to a meeting of the First Latin American Congress on the Pastoral Care of the Family, sponsored by Celam. It is a gorgeous letter on the family and it’s importance. The family model itself, is so excellent in that it helps people to translate that understanding to ultimatly being together here as God’s family – as brothers and sisters in Christ.

And, the Knights of Columbus (one of the church’s public-service organizations) are having their annual meeting now in Orlando, Florida, and their meeting this year centers on Pope Francis, and Pope Francis sent a message to the conference, too.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!