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Mercy, a Tweet, Adorableness, and Good Advice

Today, Pope Francis lifted a suspension on a priest, Fr. Miguel d’Escoto. In the 1980s, Fr. d’Escoto had gotten to holding political office, his priestly duties were suspended, but years later now, he wrote a letter to Pope Francis asking to reintegrate into a priestly ministry within the Roman Catholic church, and it was granted. :)

Also today, Pope Francis sent a tweet!

“If you hoard material possessions, they will rob you of your soul.”

Pope Francis knows that God is the provider of all things, hoarding can be comforting to a degree, but relying on the hoarding of stuff to bring you comfort is not really relying on God to be your ultimate comforter. I love Pope Francis!

In other news, I’d missed this one, but it is so completely adorable! Two to three days ago, Pope Francis phone called a convent of Carmelite nuns in Lucena, Spain. Pope Francis has known the prioress of the convent, Sister Adriana for over fifteen years, and he occasionally calls the convent up, just to say hello to the sisters there. Reading the back and forth between the convent and Pope Francis, it is so completely adorable!!!! I love Pope Francis!

And off in the blogs, I found a really good article just published on Pope Francis’ advice to parishes. Super good.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!