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The Rock Who Is Christ

Today, Pope Francis met today with members of the Communion and Liberation movement (official website, full video, summary video). His address to the group was so good! He talked about how a charism is good, but should not be the center of one’s life, but Jesus Christ should be the center. And I absolutely loved:

But fidelity to tradition, as Mahler said, means keeping the fire and not worshiping the ashes.

Wow. I love Pope Francis! Also at the gathering, he met former Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams!

As well, Pope Francis had in audience Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops.

Of messages, today Pope Francis sent a letter to a Special Envoy he earlier appointed to attend the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the “hidden Christians of Japan,” to be held in Nagasaki, March 14-17, 2015 (full text in Latin).

Also today, Pope Francis visited the parish of Ognissanti or All Saints to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Mass celebrated in a language other than Latin, in this case Italian (more details, nearly full text in English, full text in Italian, full video). It was also celebrated at the same parish that the first non-Latin Mass took place. Additionally in the news, there is an excellent play-by-play of the visit, written by someone who attended!

As well today, Pope Francis made some appointments, and sent a tweet:

Let us build our lives of faith on the rock who is Christ. (link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!