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Lots of Pope Francis News!

In the past day or so, lots of Pope Francis news abounds!

Pope Francis sent thank you notes to a 14-year-old girl, Nicole, and to her mother, Marie Kane, in Ireland. The mother was one of six survivors of sexual abuse who met with the Pope in early July. That day, she passed along a note from her daughter to Pope Francis expressing her disappointment in the church. After receiving the thank you letters this week, the mother expressed, “There’s a lot of hope in this house at the moment, that he is going to change things.” I love Pope Francis!!!!

Also yesterday, Pope Francis gave final rites and farewell at the funeral Mass for Archpriest Emeritus of St. Peter's Basilica, Cardinal Francesco Marchisano, who passed away last Sunday. As well, earlier this week, shortly after hearing the news of the passing, Pope Francis also sent a telegram expressing condolences.

I’d already shared a link in one of my earlier posts which summarized Pope Francis’ dialogue with the priests at Caserta, well, the entire dialogue with the priests in Caserta is now translated into English (thank you Zenit!).

Details were also released of Pope Francis’ planned visit to Albania’s capital, Tirana, on September 21st.

Around the Vatican, through the inspiration of God, Pope Francis is directing the courses! The Vatican itself is taking the Pope’s message to the world by issuing Pope Francis’ pleas for peace “to all embassies of countries it has diplomatic relations with, urging ambassadors to work for peace.”

Also, two days ago, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences held a conference at the Vatican “to mark the World Day Against Trafficking.” Providing direction to the academy, Pope Francis has “deemed it important that the pontifical academy should focus on [the ending of] human trafficking.” This is excellent and pleasing work which Pope Francis is directing.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day! :)