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More Details about the Caserta Visit

In the news, from the past day, more details come out about Pope Francis’ visit to Caserta, particularly his meeting with Pentecostal pastor Giovanni Traettino, in which pastor Traettino said, “it’s obvious that Pope Francis is a man who has met Jesus himself.” And Pope Francis “apologised for those Catholics who persecuted Pentecostals in the past and stressed the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing unity to the Body of Christ.” I love Pope Francis!!

There is also a super great analysis of Pope Francis’ visit to Caserta and about his approaches in general and how they differ from other popes. The article is also full of really good links about the visit.

The visit has also brought various evangelicals to rejoicingly hail Pope Francis’ visit to Caserta.

In travel news, travel dates were announced for Pope Francis’ visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines in early 2015.

And in even other avenues of news, an Archbishop in California has delivered a really good analysis of many of Pope Francis’ economic perspectives and how to help people who might potentially be uncomfortable with them, to become more comfortable.