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Sri Lanka – Day 2 & 3 and arriving in Philippines

Wow, there’s a lot to report. Here’s the past two days in one pop!

By the seaside in Columbo, yesterday, Pope Francis had a canonization Mass for Joseph Vas, Sri Lanka’s first Saint, and he gave a homily on the topic of religious freedom (full text, full video, full video with commentary, summary video).

Later in the day, Pope Francis traveled by helicopter to visit the Marian shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary in Madhu (protectress against snakebites), he was greeted by Bishop Joseph Rayappu (full text) and Pope Francis gave an address there (full text, address video, full video, full video with commentary, summary video).

After to journey back from the Marian shrine, Pope Francis’ made a bunch of other visits with people. First he rendevoused with former Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family. After that, accepting an invitation to visit the Mahabodhi Buddhist temple, he dropped by, and visited the temple and monks there. Then also, due to timing constraints the day before he had cancelled a meeting with a group of Sri Lankan bishops, but he made up for it today by meeting up with them also, before finally returning to the Apostolic Nunciature for the night.

Also yesterday, President Giorgio Napolitano of Italy just stepped down from being president, and Pope Francis sent him a telegram expressing his “sentiments of sincere esteem.”

As well yesterday, it was announced that Pope Francis made an appointment.

Moving on to today.....

This morning, Pope Francis packed his bags and departed the Apostolic Nunciature of Colombo to visit the The Chapel of “Our Lady of Lanka”, after which he traveled to the airport and departed for Manila. During the six and a half hour flight to Manila, Pope Francis gave a press conference (full text, summary video)

In the latter half of the day, Pope Francis traveled by airplane to Manila in the Philippines and was greeted by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and others, made his way to an open-air Popemobile and traveled through the streets of Manila greeting crowds lining the streets on his way to the local nunciature (essentially, a nunciature is a Vatican embassy) where he is staying for the night (full video, full video with commentary, summary video).

Also today, some more appointments by Pope Francis were announced, and Pope Francis expressed his approval regarding an election in the Chaldean Church.

As well, Pope Francis sent some tweets in one of the languages of the places he’s been visiting, the translation things online aren’t working much to get them translated, but here are the two tweets he sent – tweet 1 & tweet 2.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!